Who am I?

I am going back to the Netherlands for some weeks and I am not ready. Because who am I?

I have melted with earth itself, the land Bali, her rivers and trees, her spiritual vibration.. it has become so deeply rooted into my own being. The places I have been, the people I have met. This all is a remembrance of who I was but always have been. Of what we all are. The feeling that I am everything and nothing at the same time..

I realized that sometimes the wave of change can come so strong and fierce that it really feels like death. I needed to shed my old skin so I could uncover my next incarnation. I had no choice but to surrender and let go of who I thought I was in order to meet the next evolution of myself that is calling to be birthed. Or is already birthed ~ into this new world that I have created.

My KAP sessions have been shifting with me – I have made such progress that I do not recognize my own sessions from 6 months ago. I am excited to share this with you!


Schrijven is voor mij een uitlaadklep. Waar ik onbesproken gevoelens kenbaar maak. Waar taboes worden doorbroken en ik met echtheid schrijf over mijn interpretatie van het moeder zijn en zoveel meer. Dit is een plek waar ik je meeneem in mijn verhalen. Verhalen over liefde. Verhalen over angst en onzekerheden. Verhalen over mijn weg naar een mentaal gezonder leven.

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