The wound is the place where the light enters you ~ let me help you to find that place

Sacred Birth Guidance

Healing the birth process for a physical being will also heal your own birth process for whatever you are seeking to create and bring into the world. 

Whether you are pregnant and looking to welcome a little one or ready to birth a new phase of your life or undertaking, Sacred Birth and Rebirth with an Energy Transmission allows you to create your own, healthy birth process for whatever you are bringing into the world!

Childbirth is a sacred experience. Today’s hospital settings with crisp nurses and medical machines can be a daunting environment for giving birth, one of the most intimate and vulnerable experiences a woman has the privilege of creating. Energy Transmissions can bring the depth and richness of experience that every family deserves in the birthing of its children.

Energy transmissions infused sacred childbirth practices

We manifest our reality by what we think and feel about a situation. Often those feelings are long forgotten, and yet they heavily influence our experience. This is true about birth. Recorded in our subconscious mind and in the cells of our bodies are the feelings from our own birth: forgotten fears, pain, frustration, a sense of aloneness or abandonment, the helplessness of infancy and loss of connection to our own power, medical birth trauma, our own and familial responses to our entrance into this plane to name a few. Births of previous children, loved ones’ births, others’ horror stories, births we have viewed in the media, and our own birth together weave the tapestry of our experience. All affect the outcome of our births.

As in birth, so in life, the experiences of frustration, fear and difficulty we may have experienced in creating or trying to create outcomes and manifest the life we desire can impede our ability to manifest and create.

During Sacred Birth and Rebirth with Energy Transmissions sessions, I will combine Kundalini Activation and Reiki treatment with shamanic healing practices to help you release your bodies’ negative energies and memories about birthing, creating a clean palate for you to design and manifest the birth you desire. Whether for a new child or a new creation, sacred birth and rebirth lays new groundwork for the ultimate work of being human in the world, that of creating.

Physical birth clients learn natural breathing rhythms, visualizations, and affirmations to access the ancient natural birthing wisdom of the body. I will use the gentle, healing flow of the Energy to guide clients through practice birthing sessions creating new, positive, vibrantly peaceful pathways for the birthing energy to flow. This new way of birthing is encoded in the cellular memory of your body through Energy-infused practice. When birth occurs the energy flows along those healed, learned pathways creating a peaceful, empowering experience for you and the baby.

When working with rebirth, I can gently release old patterns and, through the Energy Transmission and shamanic practice, helps my clients to find, connect and learn to use their own natural, powerful creation process.

It is important to note that in physical birth, the baby also manifests experiences it needs to have to do its life work during the birth process. We don’t know what those are. Couples learn to work together, develop a deep resilience and remain open to allow the birth experience most optimal for this new being, whatever that may be. These skills also strengthen parenting and partnering for the future. As well, when we seek to manifest new creations in our lives, there are elements of teaching and deepening our spiritual understanding that we are not aware of. Learning to work fluidly and resiliently with unexpected experiences creates the strength and depth we are looking for in our lives.

Just as these little ones can come as our teachers and sometimes as our healers, our life creations do the same. In physical birth, your new little one is using their birth to begin that process. It is the parents’ job to prepare, to assist and support the baby, and to use their learned tools as the birth unfolds. They are then able to rest in the knowing that however the birth happens, it is absolutely perfect and just as it should be.

Create an empowered birth experience and heal birth trauma

As a creator, your new creation will expand your capacities and teach and perhaps heal you in new and unexpected ways as well. As you learn your rebirth process and use it, you will be able to rest in knowing that however your new experience unfolds, it is just as it should be for you and for others.

Empower yourself to manifest a birth or rebirth filled with presence, peace and spiritual strength to welcome your new child or creation into this world in a sacred way. I am happy to guide you through this process.

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