Reiki 2

Treat not only physical, but also emotional and mental complaints

The Reiki 2 course suits you if:

  • You took the Reiki 1 course and are looking for more depth
  • You not only want to treat physical, but also emotional and mental complaints with Reiki
  • You want to give Reiki treatments to others
  • You also want to give Reiki to others remotely
  • You want to learn about the symbols of Reiki

The Reiki 2 course focuses on healing on the deeper levels: your hidden pain, traumas, patterns and survival mechanisms. With Reiki this can be healed, so that you can live fully from your centre.

Duration: 1,5 day
Location: Bali
Costs: € 250

For whom is Reiki 2?

The Reiki 2 course is for those who want to go deeper after the Reiki 1 course and also want to be able to treat on a mental and emotional level.

During the training day you will get the tools to use the self-healing power in your hands even deeper.

Program course

The Reiki 2 course spans 21 days, starting with a 1 class day of initiation, then daily practice at home, and finally returning for the online moment.

The program is the deepening of the Reiki 1 course.
This course focuses on old and hidden pain, traumas, patterns and survival mechanisms so that you can heal them. You make the journey from your head to your heart so that you come home to yourself even more. You can also perceive universal energy more strongly after Reiki 2.

After completing the Reiki 2 course, you will be able to:

  • Perform holistic Reiki treatments on a deeper level: physical, emotional and mental
  • Trace and heal emotional pain/trauma, unhelpful patterns and limiting beliefs by using Reiki symbols during treatments
  • Give Reiki treatments from a distance
  • Clearly perceive the powerful Reiki 2 energy
  • Live more from your heart

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