Reiki 1 course

Learn to harness the healing power of your hands in Reiki 1

About the Reiki 1 course

  • You will learn what Reiki is and how to use it
  • Activate your self-healing capacity
  • Learn to relieve physical complaints with energy

After the Reiki 1 course you will have a method in your hands to make Reiki your way of life.

Experience more balance and energy by using the healing power of your hands.

Duration: 1,5 day
Location: Bali
Costs: € 200

Learn to heal yourself with the Reiki 1 course

  • Do you want more balance and energy in your life?
  • Do you want to activate your self-healing ability?
  • Are you curious about the true power your hands hold?

If so, Reiki 1 course is your match. During the Reiki 1 course, your self-healing ability is activated through a Reiki initiation. You will also learn to stimulate this yourself using various Reiki techniques. You will learn how to strengthen your intuition daily, restore balance and increase energy through Reiki so that a true transformation can take place in your life.

This is what your Reiki 1 course looks like

The Reiki 1 course consists of 1 teaching day, followed by 21 days of home practice and a 2-hour deepening session as an ending.

The Reiki 1 course focuses primarily on the physical level of humans and the treatment of physical complaints using Reiki: the universal life energy.

This all-encompassing energy is sent through the body via loving touch, so that you can help yourself and others heal. In this way you stimulate self-healing abilities and feel more balanced. Use Reiki, for example, for headaches, backaches or other physical complaints. In short, the Reiki 1 course is a wonderful start to your transformation journey to come home to yourself.

You start the Reiki 1 course with a lesson day in Ubud, Bali. Here you will receive an initiation so that you can activate the healing power of Reiki. In addition, you will learn the principles of the healing power of Reiki with practical exercises.

Program course

  • Welcome and introduction to Reiki
  • Start with short meditation and drawing of an insight card
  • Initiation: in the first two initiations we open your energy channel so that you can let the universal energy flow. In the third and fourth initiation, we attune what is needed for you.
  • We explain the origin, application and effects of Reiki.
  • Different exercises to let Reiki flow
  • A session of the Master itself

Home study

Reiki can bring a great transformation to your life when you make it a way of life. That’s why we encourage you to practice giving Reiki to yourself daily for 21 days. You will see that you will begin to experience more peace, balance and energy!

During the 21 days, you will practice Reiki for 30 to 90 minutes a day. In doing so, you will treat one of the 15 basic positions for a few minutes each time.

Closing ~ online meeting

After about three weeks we have an online meeting. This is a valuable ending to your 21-day process. During the this moment you can share your experiences and ask questions. In addition, the material will be deepened through practical exercises, meditations and visualizations.

When you register for the course, the online meeting will be scheduled immediately. This session lasts 2 hours and usually takes place in the evening.

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