Kundalini Activation Facilitator Training

Unlock the highest multidimensional wisdom within you with the all-in Kundalini Activation Training in Bali (26 – 31 August 2024)

New era. New beginning. 

What we created is a welcome back into wholeness, birthed by the embodiment of unconditional love that unites us all. 

What seemed impossible to describe in words, we bundled together in an earthy way. It’s something that needs to be experienced within the soul and at the same time learned with theoretical aspect to establish a profound foundation. Bringing the power of the unconscious into wakeful states of consciousness.

Kundalini Activation Institute brings the possibility of self-realization into the here and now. A unique way to invite you to move into presence – and ultimately, to liberation.

I am deeply honored to invite you to a magical and divine initiation in Bali, where you can elevate and master your own life force energy as you become a Facilitator of Kundalini Activation ~ Shaktipat. 
Facilitated by me and my divine sister Lonie.

Our intention is to provide you with the keys to unlock your most magical gifts, elevate your consciousness, and awaken and integrate your full vitality. This will empower you to harness the power of your life force, live in pure connection with oneness, and walk this earth with grace, guiding others on this transformative journey.


A deep transformation. For yourself and others. A change in your life. Because yes, becoming a facilitator requires change. It requires embodying your soul plan and multidimensional consciousness deeply, in combination with the life energy here on Earth.

This process is not for everyone. It is a training that will set you fully on your path. It requires courage and boldness. To make the choices that come with it. To show up for your mission. To show up for the new world. To show up for your higher being.


  • Teachings and transmissions: online preparation of 3 days, initiation of 5 days (kundalini shaktipat and reiki level 1) and follow up 4 months (online)
  • ALL IN 5 days and 4 nights in a beautiful retreat in Ubud included food, icebath sessions, cacao ceremony, breath work, kirtan and massages and more.

We are entering the Golden Age, and those leading the way on our new Earth are being called to gather on this sacred ground—the mystical Bali, which holds profound wisdom. If you feel this calling, you are invited to trust in it and step into a new role, leading a new way of living.

Together, we will embark on this initiation, opening a portal to bring Light to Earth. We will embody a new timeline filled with divine truth, love, joy, abundance, connection, and a deep remembrance of Oneness.

Are you ready? We are. Limited spots available for the EARLY BIRD.

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