UPCOMING ~ kundalini activation facilitator training (26 – 30 August 2024) Registration open

Ignite Your Passion, Unleash Your Purpose

A Soul Awakening Training with Jill Schouten & Lonie Verhoeven

Something magical happens when we draw our attention into ourselves to awaken the energy centers while being surrounded by nature. The potency and magic that comes from remembering who you are at your core, you heart center. 

Our intention is to awaken your deepest hearts desire so that when you return home, you are able to pour from the inside out your passion and purpose with your outer world. The kundalini world.

Located on a sustainable retreat center nestled in the jungle of Bali.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation?

As Jill and Lonie guide you to connect with your base chakra and find a sense of security in knowing of who you are and what you are mean to do in the world.

Helping others to reach their enlightenment through kundalini awakening.

This training is designed to ignite your kundalini fire and unleash your full potential by providing a range of co-host workshops and activities that will help you explore your inner self. You will be encouraged to connect with the elements that surround you and to find the solid anchor that exists within you, allowing you to develop an even deeper sense of security and stability.

Through various energy transmissions, rituals, meditations, sharings, initiations, you will gain clarity on your life’s mission and purpose, and discover your deepest desires.

You will also learn how to

  • Connect with your intuition and energetic field
  • Holding space for people
  • Move forward with confidence and a sense of purpose during a session
  • Theoretical part of energy work

There are plenty of reasons to come back home to YOU:

  • MORE clarity on who you are and what you are ment to do in the world
  • More confidence and self believe in you and the gifts that you have to share with the world ~ life force energy
  • Forget about all the doing and remember who you truly are at the core center

The evolution of your becoming a Kundalini Awakening Facilitator does not end when the training does..

Jill and Lonie will help you integrate your newfound insights and gifts into your daily life, so you can become a beacon of light a security in your own community.

About Jill Schouten

Jill’s work is based on the values of integrated connectivity, awakening, and consciousness. She believes in the wisdom of the divine that guides us when we open ourselves and embrace trust and faith.

She is a certified KAP facilitator and has trained directly with Venant Wong, the founder of KAP, in Mexico. Through her embodiment, she transmits a unique frequency, sometimes activating a lasting ability to see and perceive energy.

About Lonie Verhoeven

Lonie’s work is based on expanding consciousness and embodied awakening. She describes that Love’s frequency impact on consciousness is transformative. As we attune ourselves to this frequency, our perception expands and we begin to precieve the world with open hearts. This shift in consciousness leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

Both have years of experience in the field. The most important piece in the community, the sisterhood, and the connection built when we come home to ourselves to remember who we are and discover that we are LOVE and have similar desires.

In the training you wil learn how to fall deeper in love with yourself, gain more clarity on your purpose.

The investment in yourself is €3500

What is included?

  • 3 days prior transmission online
  • 5 days, 4 nights accommodation including lunch and dinner, FULL experience
  • 4 months after care, online transmissions
  • 2 energy transmissions per day
  • Theoretical part of energy work
  • Reiki initiation level 1
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Sound healing
  • Breath work
  • Ice bath
  • Crystal reading
  • Sharing circles
  • Fire pit sessions
  • Kirtan

What is not included?

  • Airfare
  • Transportation to and from retreat center
  • Extra activities with what is listed above

There is an EARLY BIRD available for the price of €3200, limited spots.

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